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Table of Contents


Section 1: The School Survival Guide

1.1 Introduction to the School Survival Guide

1.2 Quotes on Education

1.3 Education is Oppression

1.4 Your Teachers are Prison Guards

1.5 School Subjects

1.6 Your Parents Failed You

1.7 Your Classmates Are Insane


Section 2: Mental Self Defense

2.1 Awareness in the Transient Age

2.2 Hypnosis

2.3 How to Identify Predatory Adults

2.4 Institutional Child Abuse

2.5 Deprogram

2.6 Exercises for Understanding Modern Media

2.7 How to Live


Section 3: A Psychic Education

3.1 Learning to Listen

3.2 Ritual Magic

3.3 Psychic Abilities Real or Fake?


Section 4: The Children's Bill of Rights

4.1 Introduction to the Children's Bill of Rights

4.2 Children's Bill of Rights

4.3 Earth's Bill of Rights