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The Children's Bill of Rights


Dear Children of Earth, I hold these to be your Natural Rights.

1. You have the right to be safe from organized exploitation and abuse. The global industries of war, slavery, and ecological exploitation require and create abused children.

2. You have the right to be safe from physical, sexual and verbal abuse. If you have been abused by a parent or adult, you must break the cycle of abuse and not become an abuser/enabler yourself.

3. You have the right to be safe before and after birth. You should not be subjected to drugs, alcohol, pollutants, or high levels of stress in the womb. Ritual Genital Mutilation (or "circumcision") is a vicious practice designed to inflict psychological damage on a helpless infant.

4. You have a right to parents who are committed to you and each other. Life should not be created by people who do not respect each other, like each other, know each other, or have any intentions of providing a solid psychological and family model for their child in a natural environment.

5. You have the right to clean air, water, and food. Although there is none at this time. Every drop of water on earth is now polluted to some extent. Your ability to access relatively clean air, water and food will determine your quality of life.

6. You have the right to be drug and cancer free. Research shows that almost universally, babies are born infested with over 200 chemicals, and those are only the ones that can be tested for. Cancer rates reach new heights with each generation.

7. You have the right to live in nature. Humans cannot flourish in a technological environment.

8. You have the right to a culture that is not designed to injure you. Modern culture promotes violence, pornography, and addiction in service of power.

9. You have the right to a healthy community that prioritizes children above all else. You have the right to a community whose laws protect the children and not the predators.

10. You have the right to truth. Your parents should never lie to you. However, your parents probably don't know the truth about institutional child abuse. Since the beginning of "history", children have been abused and raped and mutilated into slaves. To this day the most "profitable" industries are those which require and perpetuate institutional child abuse. Your parents brought you into a world ruled by fear and the conspiracy of silence that follows it. They signed your life away and then allowed your entire education to be shaped by the same predators who built their empires with institutional child abuse. Welcome to Earth.