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The Earth's Bill of Rights aka How to Save the Ecosystem (and our own asses)

1. Ethical treatment of the Earth outweighs any human desire. To treat the Earth ethically is to take only what you need and leave no trace.

2. Earth shall be recognized as a living being and our only home. The concept of Earth as personal property, "raw materials", or some sort of "starter planet" must be recognized as genocidal/suicidal.

3. The plants and animals of Earth have an equal right to exist as humans, and live free. Deforestation, human overpopulation, and animal husbandry must cease.

4. The balance of Earth's ecosystem must be preserved. All overseas travel and business must cease.

5. Earth should never be transformed and distorted into cancerous chemicals and non-biodegradable products. All forms of modern industry must cease.

6. Earth's ocean shall be recognized as the source of all life, not a toxic waste dump for mobsters. All forms of disposable consumerism and chemical dumping must cease.

7. Mining is an atrocity and the metallic age must end forever. If humanity explores outer space at some point thousands of years in the future once we have restored our own planet, it will be in sustainable living ships, not angry Cadillacs extracted from the carcass of our mother.

8. Technology as we know it must be abandoned. If you're not smart enough to figure out how to do it 100% sustainably, you're not smart enough period. All scientific research that is not directly related to practical applications of environmental reclamation must cease.

9. Religion as we know it must be abandoned. The major world religions all contain the same anti-nature philosophy that proclaims nature and all its inhabitants as nothing but raw materials for "man." These religions turn your attention away from your home and focus it on magical dimensions in the sky (a magician's sleight of hand). This includes the science religion.

10. We must admit the true cause of this environmental genocide: humanity's mental illness epidemic and the institutions of child abuse that cultivate it. We must acknowledge that the religions of anti-nature rule this civilized world, and relish destroying nature down to a subatomic level. Until we acknowledge the reality of our degraded mental, physical and genetic state, and cast off the shackles of our education, the "rights" or steps listed above can never be implemented. The Earth's Bill of Rights is written with the belief that, if they were given a choice between participating in the restoration of our planet's health and participating in a "space wars" future which proclaims the ruin and abandonment of our home as great progress, most people would choose home. The "danger" realization that we will instead share our planet's fate is not enough, it is only through the compassion of a holistic perspective that a society can commit to ethics and sustainability rather than the egoic and tumorous illusion of "progress."